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Train and develop your workforce for a safe and compliant work environment. Insight’s system delivers the training, tracking, reporting and documentation you need to manage it all! 

Putting Your Employees First

In today’s workplace, preventing harassment is not just a legal requirement; it’s essential for fostering a safe environment.
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Online and Interactive
Engage employees with our interactive and user-friendly training modules.
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Tracks, Reports, Certifies
Easily track training progress, generate reports, and receive completion certificates.
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State-Specific Standard Compliance
Ensure adherence to regional regulations.

Workplace Violence Prevention Training

Supports California SB 553 Compliance

Online and interactive

Mobile Ready

Track, Report and Document in the Insight System

California Senate Bill 553, goes into effect in July of 2024 and requires most employers within the state to create and implement a workplace violence program. An essential part of your violence prevention plan is the initial violence prevention training which is built into the Insight Worldwide management, tracking and reporting system to support compliance with this bill.

Our Workplace Violence Prevention Training Curriculum Includes:

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