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Providing the insight companies need to identify the best candidates for growth and success.
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Other Screening Tools Can’t Always Predict Future Actions

Do you want to know a candidate's behavior and disposition before the interview, instead of after they're hired?

Behaviors like theft, workers’ compensation fraud, and violence have a significant negative impact on your bottom line and lead to toxic work environments.

Insight’s proven, validated, and legally compliant tools will help you hire the best talent to contribute to your growing business.

Why Insight Worldwide is Your Winning Edge

Industry Leader in Pre-Employment Behavioral Screening

We’ve helped thousands of companies identify quality candidates with our proven tools.
Our assessments are the ultimate solution for assembling your ideal team.
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Million Assessments Administered
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Products Available in
22 Languages
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Tools for In-Person and Remote Jobs
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Scalable to Any Company Size and Industry

Hire Safer, More Reliable Workers… and Take the Savings to the Bank!

Our Track Record Speaks for Itself

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Comp Incidents
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Drop in
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Reduction in
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Million Saved
Since 2004
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Excellent Employees Build Exceptional Organizations

The Outcomes

Workers' Comp Claims

Workers’ Comp Claims

Workers' Comp Claims

Money Saved
on Insurance Premiums

Workers' Comp Claims

Employee Turnover

Workers' Comp Claims

Increased Retention

Workers' Comp Claims

Violence, Theft, and Drug Use

Workers' Comp Claims


Workers' Comp Claims


Workers' Comp Claims

Improved Company Culture

Workers' Comp Claims


Workers' Comp Claims

Enhanced Productivity

Workers' Comp Claims

Customer Complaints

Workers' Comp Claims

Increased Customer Satisfaction

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How It Works

Our Process

1. EVALUATE your hiring practices and workforce goals

Reach out to our team for a complimentary consultation and expert guidance tailored to your needs.
2. IMPLEMENT Insight’s solutions
Equip your HR team with reliable data-driven insights for confident decision-making.
3. EXPERIENCE your customized test
Experience your pre-employment behavioral tools and administer them online within minutes.
4. IMPROVE your workforce
Watch your performance soar as you save time and money, and build a robust team that sets you up for success.

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