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Insight Worldwide behavioral assessments have been administered to millions of job applicants in a wide variety of positions by a broad spectrum of industries. Our integrity tests and suitability assessments provide actionable results that identify high risk applicants and the best fit candidates for the job. Our assessments are validated, legally compliant, and proven effective in addressing workers’ compensation costs and turnover expenses.


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Since our founding in 2000 our tools have elicited information from millions of potential employees on everything from their integrity, ethics, and capabilities, to their use of illegal drugs and their work habits. Our customized assessments go a step further, enabling our clients to reveal which candidate is the best fit for a particular role based on their job behaviors.

At Insight, “Hire the Best” isn’t just a tagline – it is the driving force behind everything we do. From science and technology, to validation and compliance, to sales and service, we stay focused on how we can help our customers navigate the constantly changing face of hiring with the most cost-effective, robust tools available.

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