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Integrity Testing For Employment

Insight’s pre-employment integrity testing is an incredibly valuable tool to use when building your in-office or remote teams. By utilizing our pre-employment assessments, you can trust that your employees have integrity. We screen job applicants who are high risk, helping to ensure that you are placing only the best employees possible. In just minutes, you can identify those job applicants who will steal, do drugs, fake work injuries, and more. Protect your business with our proven, validated, and legally compliant risk mitigation tool.

What is an integrity test?

An integrity test for employment is an assessment used to identify an individual’s adverse behavior prior to hiring. Behaviors such as theft, workers’ compensation fraud, and violence can have a significant negative impact on an employer’s bottom line and lead to a toxic work environment.

What is an example of an integrity test for employment?

One type of integrity test asks an individual about their habits and activities, typically, but not always, as it relates to a work environment. Questions on a test like this ask very direct questions about things such as drug and alcohol use at work or before going to work, whether the individual has filed a false workers’ compensation claim, or stolen from their employer.

Can you measure integrity?

The integrity of an individual can be measured by identifying their boundaries when it comes to what behaviors they are willing to take part in or identify their propensity for negative behaviors. For example, a person who would admit that they would fake a work-related injury to take time off their job would be considered to have low integrity.

This is where partnering with an employment screening service can make a difference – integrity testing can help employers make informed decisions before extending an offer.

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What our clients are saying

Insight Leadership solution quickly and easily identified the top performers in our executive director candidate pool.

Vice President of Human ResourcesNational Senior Living Organization

We are hiring fewer caregiving replacement positions due to the assessments’ impact on turnover. We have experienced substantial savings in money and time while improving morale and care levels with the Insight assessment.

Vice President of Human ResourcesRegional Not-for-Profit Senior Care Organization

Originally, I thought using an assessment would be cheesy, and silly. However, I did it because we were supposed to, but you made a believer out of me!

Community Executive DirectorNational Senior Living and Retirement Organization

I cannot begin to tell you how grateful we are for your service. Some people interview far too well and can hide some very scary tendencies. Thank you!

Director of Human ResourcesSenior Living Organization

Any tool like this that brings more to bear in today’s industry hiring is a need … to have information provided by the applicant is very valuable.

Community Executive DirectorLarge Senior Living Organization

Supervisors and managers across the company report significant improvement in the quality of their hires and our overall turnover has dropped almost 12%.

Director of Human ResourcesSenior Care Company

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How it Works

Insight Worldwide behavioral assessments have been administered to millions of job applicants in a wide variety of positions by a broad spectrum of industries. Our integrity tests and suitability assessments provide actionable results that identify high risk applicants and the best fit candidates for the job. Our assessments are validated, legally compliant, and proven effective in addressing workers’ compensation costs and turnover expenses.

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