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At Insight, "Hire The Best" Is Not Just a Tagline – It's Our Guiding Principle.

About Us

As pioneers in pre-employment behavioral screening since 2000, we’ve helped thousands of companies find top-quality candidates through our proven assessment tools. Developed by PhDs in Industrial Organizational Psychology, our Integrity Assessments have effectively screened over 16 million applicants, ensuring a strong workforce for roles spanning entry-level to management. Our tools are versatile, reliable, user-friendly, and can be administered online within minutes, across various industries.

Excellence Through Science, Research and Collaboration

The Science Behind Our Assessments

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Collaborating with esteemed professionals and experts in the field, Insight drives cutting-edge research in integrity testing. Our profound database and expert partnerships guarantee assessments that precisely forecast risk behaviors.

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Created and Validated by Specialists

Partnering with leading institutions, we develop assessments that adhere to industry standards, and educational and psychological test norms. They are thoroughly validated for accuracy and consistency, ensuring trustworthy results for informed hiring decisions.

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Legal Compliance and Ethical Practices

Insight's behavioral hiring assessments are vetted by legal experts in employment law. Our compliance with EEOC's 4/5ths rule and ADA guidelines reflects our commitment to confidentiality, inclusivity, and alignment with evolving labor laws.

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