Job Fit Assessments

Premium Care Selection – Getting to the heart of your hires.

Certified Nursing Assistants  –  Memory Care Givers  –  Licensed or Registered Nurses  –  Administrative Support Staff

Senior care requires special people – therefore, we’ve designed a specialized test to help you find them.

Premium Care Selection’s individualized assessments help you identify the strongest candidates for your nursing, CNA, memory care giver, and administrative support staff positions by honing in on the specific traits our senior care experts have told us are critical for identifying successful candidates.

In addition to the information our clients have come to expect from Insight’s tests – direct admittances to employee theft, illegal drug use, workers’ compensation fraud, and workplace violence – Premium Care will also tell you which applicants will:

  • Serve with respect, patience, passion, and dedication
  • Build trust by being dependable and maintaining confidentiality
  • Excel in personal communication skills
  • Follow directions
  • Adhere to safety rules and regulations

Premium Care continues to support your HR needs through our scientifically designed behavioral interview questions, and will help you realize a reduction in your turnover, liability, and workers’ compensation costs. Additionally, you increase your ability to set your senior care facilities apart with quality of care, service, safety, and security.

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Introducing an instrument that provides vital insights into the crucial leadership capabilities of your internal and external leader candidates.

LeadershipINSIGHT ensures that you can identify, select, and develop exceptional leaders.

Measure candidates in the 5 core categories:

  • Adaptability
  • Building Trust and Accountability
  • Promoting Customer Focus
  • Fostering Team Environment
  • Maximizing Performance Results
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Correction Selection Inventory

Jobs in the corrections industry carry unique stressors and require a test dedicated to identifying those candidates most likely to succeed in that environment.

In addition to the wealth of information about undesirable behaviors that our clients have come to expect from Insight – direct admittances to employee theft, illegal drug use, workers’ compensation fraud, and workplace violence – Correction Selection Inventory is designed to measure innate personality traits such as situational judgment.

It also measures and reports on nine core proficiencies:

  • Respect for Authority
  • Work Ethic
  • Self-control
  • Dependability
  • Communication Skills
  • Self-esteem
  • Cooperation/ Teamwork
  • Attention to Detail
  • Principled Behavior

This information, along with a retention scale, helps define an applicant’s Overall Success Potential, allowing HR managers to quickly identify and screen for these sensitive and critical positions.

Customized for both security and non-security positions, Correction Selection Inventory will help you identify which candidates are most likely to succeed in more than 50 correctional job titles.

Correction Selection Inventory Information Packet