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$ 1

Saved in One Year

  • Company Saved $514,500 in One Year
  • Turnover reduced 31%
  • Employee performance increased 10%
  • 47 fewer caregivers replaced in 1 year

  • $ 1

    Saved Annually

  • $1 Million Saved Annually
  • Workers’ comp incident rate
dropped 54%
  • Qualified candidates resulting in higher quality workforce
  • Increased client satisfaction

  • 1 %

    Dropped Turnover Rate

  • Turnover Dropped 37 Percentage Points
  • Same-store sales stabilized or grew during a recession
  • Hourly employee turnover dropped from 142.4% to 105.1%

  • 1 %

    Drop in Claim Frequency

  • Claim Frequency Dropped 28.5%
  • Fewer injuries, fewer workers’ comp claims
  • Lower insurance premiums for future staffing
  • Higher quality workforce, increased customer satisfaction

  • 1 %

    Drop in Turnover

  • 58.8% Drop In Turnover
  • Reduced workers’ comp incidences more than 70%
  • Industry-based solutions to help improve performance

  • $ 1

    Saved in Work Comp

  • $1 Million Plus Saved in Work Comp
  • 80% reduction in injury claims
  • Substantial reduction in state unemployment taxes
  • Increased client satisfaction and new job orders

  • 1 %

    Reduction in Absenteeism

  • 50% Reduction in Absenteeism
  • Fewer injuries and fewer workers’ comp claims
  • Higher quality workforce
  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • $ 1

    Saved in the First Year

  • Turnover Dropped
  • Saving $166,170 in First Year
  • Employee productivity dramatically increased
  • Avoided 30+ new hires dropping turnover 20.25%

  • $ 1

    Saved Since 2004

  • $51 Million Saved Since 2004
  • 72% reduction in workers’ comp incident rate
  • Claims dropped from 1450 to less than 372 per year

  • 1 %

    Drop in Turnover

  • Turnover Dropped 30%
  • Increased employee retention and continuity
  • Improved company culture

  • 1 %

    Drop in Workers Comp Claims

  • Workers’ Comp Claims Dropped 44%
  • Immediate drop in accident frequency
  • Hours worked increased by as much as 30%
  • Retention increased

  • 1 %

    Reduced Turnover Rate

  • Higher quality workforce
  • Increased resident satisfaction
  • Fewer injuries and fewer workers’ comp claims

  • 1 %

    Drop Reduction in Turnover

  • 14% Drop Reduction in Turnover
  • Saved $545,300 on annual direct hiring costs
  • Maintained an industry-leading turnover rate of 26% throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

  • You have questions, we got answers:

    Insight FAQs

    Integrity assessments are remote or in-person pre-employment screening tools that help you easily identify high-risk applicants at the beginning of your hiring process. Insight’s assessments elicit direct admittance to behaviors you do not want in your workplace and, depending on the integrity assessment you choose, can reveal whether an applicant is at-risk for critical job performance behaviors as well as the likelihood that they will remain committed to your company. When administered with or immediately after the application, behavioral assessments help you eliminate undesirable applicants before they enter your hiring process or, even more importantly, your workforce.
    Job fit assessments are remote or in-perso pre-employment screening tools that allow you to easily find the applicants with the highest potential for success in the position you’re hiring for. They reveal information about job-specific psychological characteristics for specialized roles, whether an applicant is willing to meet the minimum job requirements for the positions, and whether an applicant may not have been forthright when taking the assessment. Insight’s job fit assessments also include integrity features which allow you to rank your applicants by an Overall Success Score so you can quickly and easily identify the very best candidates with the highest potential for success with your company.
    Integrity and job fit assessments address a variety of employer concerns, including reducing the time and cost in recruiting, hiring, and training, as well as the long-term costs of financial liabilities, poor employee morale, and low productivity. The most common areas in which you’ll see improvements are:

    • Workers’ compensation claims – Insight is the only integrity testing company with a special focus on fraudulent claims
    • Insurance costs
    • Employee dependability
    • Turnover/ job abandonment
    • Employee theft/ shrinkage
    • Customer service skills
    • Increased customer, guest, and/ or resident satisfaction
    We offer a variety of choices – click here for a complete description of each assessment and the best choice for your industry.
    We offer customized pricing options. Please contact us; and our team will be happy to customize a package that meets your specific needs.
  • Insight’s assessments are administered by you online. They can be:
  • Integrated into your applicant tracking system.
  • Installed as a link in your online application.
  • Administered online when the applicant is in your office.
  • Administer remotely by email or text message.
  • Please contact us for more information about these options if you don’t have a computer available for applicants and/ or they don’t apply in your office.
  • Absolutely. All of Insight Worldwide’s assessments are:
  • Reviewed by a third-party labor law attorney.
  • Compliant with EEOC 4/5ths rule and ADA regulations.
  • Compliant with ADA, incorporating options that accommodate sight, speech, or otherwise impaired applicants who may have difficulty completing a computerized assessment.
  • Available in multiple languages to ensure accessibility.
  • Available in audio format for added convenience.
  • For more information, view our legal compliance statement.
  • Yes, we have low-cost, no-commitment trials available.

    Please contact us to determine the best solution for your business and to receive a proposal.

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