Insight Worldwide behavioral assessments have been administered to millions of job applicants in a wide variety of positions, by a broad spectrum of industries. Our integrity tests and suitability assessments provide actionable results that identify high risk applicants and the best fit candidates for the job. Our clients benefit from savings in workers’ compensation costs, turnover expenses, and the reduction of other pre-hire processes; additionally, they see a streamlined hiring process, a higher level of consistency in applicant evaluation, and the ability to make better, more informed hiring decisions.

You, too, can protect your business by gaining additional vision into the makeup of your applicants with Insight Worldwide behavioral hiring assessments. The Case Studies and White Papers we have available provide specific information on the benefits of our assessments.

Insight Tests Reduce On-The-Job Incidence Rate, Claim Frequency Drops 28.5%

Integrity Tools Reduce Employee Turnover and Fight Recession – Turnover Drops 37 percentage points 

Insight Tests Reduce Workers’ Comp Claims by 44% and Accelerate Hiring Process 

Workers’ Comp Incident Rate Drops 54%, Saves $1 Million

Manufacturing Company Reduced WCIR 72%, Saves $51 Million

Senior Care Organization’s Turnover Drops Saving $514,500 in One Year

Life Plan Community’s Turnover Drops 20.25% Saving $166,170 in First Year

Senior Living Community’s Turnover Drops 30% in One Year

Job Fit Assessment Improves Turnover Rate

Work Force Update – Hiring the Right Individual for Your Corrections Staff

Predicting Adverse Risk Behaviors: Reducing Workers’ Compensation Claims Costs Through Integrity Testing 

Integrity Testing: A Staffing Industry Best Practice