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Enhance Your
 Hiring Perspective with Our
Integrity Assessments

Find ideal candidates who seamlessly align with your company’s culture and values.
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Make Better-Informed Decisions Before Extending an Employment Offer

See Beyond Resumes

Every business owner knows the costly consequences of high turnover, toxic work environments, and employees who don’t fit in. Other screening tools might leave you guessing until it’s too late, but not with Insight Integrity Assessments. We reveal the full spectrum of a candidate’s workplace behaviors before the interview, so every choice is smart.

Other Screening Tools Can’t Always Predict Future Actions

Discover the Core Values of Your Candidates

Faster than a background check and more effective than a drug test, Insight Integrity Assessments can identify high-risk behaviors in as little as 6 minutes.

Identify Applicants Who Are Most Likely To:

Find Staff Who Are:

Every Hiring Decision Should Count

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Build a Trustworthy Team

Our pre-employment assessments help you confidently hire the best candidates for your clients.

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Efficiency & Quality Combined

By identifying high-risk applicants before interviews start, you’ll save time and money, and provide your clients with the best talent.

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Drive Organizational Excellence

Reduce workers' comp claims and attract top-quality talent, giving your company a greater competitive advantage.

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How It Works

Our Process

1. EVALUATE your hiring practices and workforce goals

Reach out to our team for a complimentary consultation and expert guidance tailored to your needs.
2. IMPLEMENT Insight’s solutions
Equip your HR team with reliable data-driven insights for confident decision-making.
3. EXPERIENCE your customized test
Experience your pre-employment behavioral tools and administer them online within minutes.
4. IMPROVE your workforce
Watch your performance soar as you save time and money, and build a robust team that sets you up for success.

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