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Hire the Best for Your Senior Living Communities

Premium Care Selection’s individualized pre-employment job fit and integrity assessments for senior living identify the strongest candidates for your nursing, CNA, memory care giver, and administrative support staff positions, ensuring you are hiring individuals with the heart and will to perform the job at the highest level.


Premium Care Selection Job Fit and Integrity Assessment for Senior Living


Premium Care will show you the candidates who will:

  • Serve with respect, patience, compassion, and dedication
  • Build trust by being dependable and maintaining confidentiality
  • Excel in personal communication skills
  • Follow directions
  • Adhere to safety rules and regulations

In addition, Insight reports applicant direct admittances to employee theft, illegal drug use, workers’ compensation fraud, and workplace violence.

Once you’ve identified your strongest candidates, we continue to support you through our scientifically designed behavioral interview questions.

Set your senior care facilities apart with quality of care, service, safety, and security.

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