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Identify and Develop the Best Remote & Hybrid Employees with Insight’s Remote Worker Assessment

In today’s business environment, the placement of employees in remote or hybrid workplace positions is a common and mainstream practice. In recent times, the shift from traditional onsite models to employment scenarios where individuals work from home, or anywhere, offers tremendous benefit.

For employers, the “at-home” model can create the opportunity to not only reduce brick-and-mortar expense but it opens doors to engage with wider talent pools and to hire highly productive people who otherwise might not be available. For employees, the chance to work remotely often leads to better work-life balance, greater happiness in their position and stronger loyalty to an employer long-term.

However, identifying and placing the right person for a remote or hybrid employment culture is not always easy. Not all employees thrive in an atmosphere absent of daily in-person engagement with their co-workers, peers, and supervisors, and the challenge faced by employers is to select those who do. In response to this need, Insight Worldwide has developed a unique employment behavioral assessment that identifies individuals who possess the highest potential for success.

Insight’s online or mobile-sent behavioral assessment for remote and hybrid employees was constructed by our PhDs of Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Our extensive study of remote employees working across multiple job responsibilities; interviews with subject matter experts and Human Resources professionals; and data analysis gathered from leading national employer groups has allowed us to identify the five key competencies found in highly successful remote employees. Insight’s remote worker assessment was constructed and is delivered to employers for the purpose of identifying internal and external candidates who score well in these competencies. The results, known as a Remote Efficiency Rating, are produced for the intended purpose of summarizing the behavioral strengths and weaknesses of an individual, and helping employers to determine placement potential or possible developmental and coaching actions for people looking to achieve these placement goals.

You and your team can thrive in the office, and remotely—let Insight help with remote work assessments.


  • Identify employees/candidates who will be successful in a remote or hybrid setting.
  • Ensure your employees/candidates will be focused, responsible, trustworthy, have a proactive work style, and will be performance oriented.
  • Remote/hybrid success leads to: loyalty, improved productivity, cost savings, and reduced turnover and absenteeism.
  • Results include tailored development plans with activities based on your employee’s/candidate’s scores in each of the five key categories, aimed at improving their areas of weakness.

Remote Efficiency Rating

  • Focused – Remains focused in the face of setbacks/obstacles/distractions. Prioritizes and organizes own work tasks to ensure work is completed in a timely manner.
  • Responsible – Takes action without being prompted; achieves goals within job requirements. Keeps promises and commitments in day-to-day work and takes responsibility for actions and conduct.
  • Trustworthy – Is honest and truthful. Interacts with others in a way that gives them confidence in one’s motives and integrity. Represents the organization in a trustworthy way.
  • Proactive Work Style – Generates, creates, or enhances quality goods or services at or above expected standards. Uses organizational resources to accomplish goals; is proactive. Routinely seeks and obtains information and feedback.
  • Performance Oriented – Focuses personal efforts on achieving results consistent with the organization’s objectives. Motivated by success and/or problem-solving.

What will the assessment do for my organization?

Trust is critical for all workplaces – especially the hybrid/remote workplace. The Insight Worldwide Remote and Hybrid assessment provides you the tools you need to select and develop a trustworthy, performance oriented workforce helping you build trust and engagement while leading your team to high performance, productivity and loyalty. If a proactive, focused and responsible work style is fundamental to your organization’s success then you need a tool to help you choose and nurture the most productive and dependable remote teams possible.

How will the Remote & Hybrid Workforce Assessment provide a return on my investment?

Much has been written lately about high-trust and low-trust organizations. An article the Harvard Business Review points out that when comparing employees at low-trust companies with those in a high-trust companies there is significant contrast in performance and well-being. The high-trust organizations see significant increases employee productivity, energy and engagement at work and satisfaction with their lives while enjoying less stress, fewer sick days, and reduced burnout. In an article by SHRM HR Magazine this quote “You are much more likely to get innovation because with trust comes freedom,” Howe says. “You can get massive productivity gains. Simply put, things move faster, more easily” corroborates the data. The Remote & Hybrid assessment from Insight Worldwide is a bridge to a high-trust company culture, performance and well-being improvements and a strong bottom-line.

Does Insight offer more tools for building a culture of trust?

Yes, we developed an excellent sexual harassment prevention training and management system to strengthen a high-trust workplace culture – no matter where your employees work! Our system is completely electronic, compliant with state specific requirements and adapted to meet Federal compliance for employees and supervisors. Learn more here…

How much time does it take to administer the Remote & Hybrid Workforce Assessment?

Once your employee/candidate starts the assessment, it should take them around 10 minutes or less to complete.

How does the process of giving the assessment work?

It’s quite easy. Simply log into the Insight administration menu to send your employee/candidate the assessment via email or text message.

Are there questions to help guide the interview with a candidate?

For each category, the assessment results will provide you with discussion questions to engage your employee/candidate further on their behaviors.

How does the development plan work?

The development plans include score-based activities aimed at improving your employee/candidate in their areas of weakness.

Is training available for the Remote & Hybrid Workforce Assessment?

Yes, one of our support specialists will contact you to schedule training and it can often be scheduled right away.
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