Hire the Best for Your Manufacturing Facility

The manufacturing industry is prone to workplace accidents, and is therefore a prime target of those who would fake a workplace injury. Lost production time, increased insurance costs, and decreased morale among the remaining workers who have to pick up the slack – as a hiring manager, the manufacturing industry poses never-ending challenges. But with Insight’s pre-employment tests for manufacturing companies, you can immediately improve the quality of your new hires.

Integrity Plus

Incorporating the power of QuikStaff and its ability to elicit direct admittances to workers’ compensation fraud, Integrity Plus gives you even more tools to work with when reviewing applicants for your manufacturing positions. This type of integrity testing for manufacturing provides you with details about the applicant’s job performance behaviors that may not come out in a standard interview:

  • Work ethic
  • Conflict avoidance skills
  • Moral behaviors
  • Dependability

In addition to the direct admittance questions, Integrity Plus also offers a retention scale to help you identify those applicants who are most likely to stay with you long-term, increasing your chances of retaining those employees who are well-suited to these positions. Once you’ve identified your strongest candidates, we continue to support you through our scientifically designed behavioral interview questions and our candidate status tool, which allows you to easily organize your candidate pool.

Our manufacturing job integrity tests help you identify those people who might cause accidents through their own risky behaviors or violent tendencies, as well as those who are simply not behaviorally suited to be in a position requiring attention to safety and product quality.