Insight Partners with University of Florida HRRC to Advance Testing

Insight has partnered with the Human Resource Research Center (HRRC) at the University of Florida to conduct longitudinal research on the reliability and validity of integrity testing. As an industry leader in personnel selection and integrity testing, Insight has established an impressive database with millions of cases regarding integrity test scoring and various employee criteria. Together, the HRRC and Insight will continue documenting the validity of integrity testing in predicting adverse risk behaviors. It also offers new opportunity to examine the relations between integrity scores and employee voluntary and involuntary turnover. It is this type of partnership that allows Insight to constantly apply the most up-to-date research findings to improve their testing and scoring.

Legal Compliance

All of Insight’s behavioral hiring assessments have been reviewed by Peck, Rubanoff & Hatfield, a law firm located in Portland, Oregon specializing exclusively in management labor and employment law. All assessments are in compliance with the 4/5ths rule as set forth by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) as a computation tool to monitor adverse impact in hiring practices. They are also in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), incorporating options to enable employers to accommodate applicants who are sight, speech or otherwise impaired and may have difficulty completing a computerized test. Our behavioral hiring assessments are administered in a manner that protects against disclosure of information that may be viewed as confidential. We also monitor changes in federal labor law very carefully, and make updates to the assessments as needed to ensure continued compliance. The assessments do not include questions that reveal an applicant’s race, gender, disability or other protected status/activity. Instead, the questions are carefully tailored to solicit only information that can be lawfully used in making employment decisions.


Validity is the most important consideration in test evaluation because it speaks to the appropriateness, meaningfulness, and usefulness of the test. At Insight Worldwide we partner with the Warrington College of Business, Human Resources Research Center at the University of Florida to ensure all aspects of development and validation for our behavioral hiring assessments have been met. All Insight assessments have been developed in accordance with the accepted professional standards as described in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Tests. Validation studies detail the scientific research and development practices used in creating a behavioral assessment. Our integrity tests and job fit assessments are validated for accuracy and reliability: two terms that are included in any discussion of legitimate personality and / or behavioral assessments, or other forms of pre-employment testing. Accuracy refers to the evidence that an assessment measures what it is intended to measure and does so in a scientifically accurate manner. Reliability is a gauge of the assessment’s consistency in measuring personality traits.