See how LeadershipINSIGHT helps you identify, select, and develop the top leadership candidates.


  • Assess:  The LeadershipINSIGHT assessment is the first critical step in identifying the leadership potential of each of your candidates.

  • Interview:  Your interview committee uses predetermined behavioral interview questions for each candidate – ensuring a structured interview approach for consistent and accurate comparisons.

  • Consensus:  The committee can then establish one consensus rating, based on individual interview committee member ratings of the candidate responses during the structured interview (LeadershipINSIGHT provides a consensus rating tool for expedited consensus building).


  • Scoring:  Each candidate receives a leadership potential score generated by the results of the assessment and the structured interview consensus rating.

  • Hire:  The leadership potential score guides your team to hire the candidates who best meet your leadership needs.


  • Fostering continued leadership growth:  Each newly hired leader will continue to build upon their leadership acumen with the individualized leadership development plan delivered by LeadershipINSIGHT.

  • Cultivate future leaders:  As demand outpaces supply for future leaders, LeadershipINSIGHT helps organizations measure the leadership abilities of current team members and provides development plans for areas in need of improvement. With LeadershipINSIGHT you can begin today in developing your leaders of the future.

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