What is Integrity Testing?

Integrity testing is a pre-employment screening device used in many industries to determine job applicant behaviors related to workplace integrity. These tests can include overt and/ or covert questions about behaviors intended to reveal an applicant’s true viewpoint regarding high risk workplace behaviors. There is evidence that overt questions in integrity testing can extract confessions to behaviors such as workplace: fraud, theft, drug and alcohol use, violence, absenteeism and more. Covert questions help determine an applicant’s work approach, often related to work ethic, safety behavior, morale behavior and more.

When choosing an integrity test for your company, ensure the test that has been developed and validated by experts in the behavioral sciences, vetted by legal counsel with strong knowledge of and deep experience in employment law and compliance, and proven effective in your particular industry.

A well-designed, validated, and vetted integrity test can help an organization address workplace issues including workers’ compensation claims, employee absenteeism, employee theft, and turnover.