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Integrity Testing

Church Mutual has developed a unique partnership with Insight Worldwide to provide our members privileged access to a critical set of pre-employment assessments. Critical hiring instruments that will improve manager decision making abilities and ones that will enhance organization risk prevention programs.

Preferred rates will apply for Church Mutual members.

Making the right hire the first time is a goal all companies strive to achieves—with Insight that’s possible.

Integrity Plus is a behavioral hiring assessment that was developed
for a wide variety of industries. Whether you’re hiring for light industrial environments, manufacturing, construction, hospitality, or clerical and administrative placements, Integrity Plus has you covered.

Ensure that you’re hiring only the best by screening applicants to ensure they will:

  • Come to work on time and be committed to the job.
  • Arrive at work free of drugs and alcohol.
  • Not commit workers’ compensation fraud or steal from the company.
  • Not use violence or aggressive actions within the workplace.
  • Provide strong work ethic and moral behavioral.

“The Insight tool was far superior to our traditional methods. We saw an immediate drop in accident frequency.” – Remedy Intelligent Staffing

Insight tests reduce workers’ comp claims by 44%
and accelerate hiring process…

“We only hire if they have no cautions on this test, without exception. The results speak for themselves.– Womack Restaurants, Inc.

IHOP uses integrity tools to reduce employee turnover
and fight recession – turnover drops 37%.

For more information, contact:

Insight Worldwide

1-888-314-8908  |

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