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QuikStaff integrity testing for employment is the smart choice for employers who must quickly and easily filter through candidates in the staffing industries, or for companies who hire their general labor and light industrial staff directly.

A significant number of applicants will admit to behaviors like workers’ compensation fraud – a feature that is unique to Insight’s pre-employment integrity testing. In under six minutes, applicants will admit to fraud or other undesirable behaviors, such as:

  • Violent tendencies
  • Theft
  • Using illegal drugs
  • Arriving at work under the influence of alcohol

Faster than a background check and more reliable than a biological drug test, QuikStaff integrity assessment tests will also have an overwhelmingly positive impact on your turnover and workers’ compensation costs.

Quikstaff Packet

Top Talent

Top Talent builds on the powerful QuikStaff assessment, and is designed specifically for use with online applications.

In addition to identifying counterproductive behaviors and delivering benefits such as decreased workers’ compensation costs and increased retention, integrity testing in the workplace with Top Talent will provide you feedback on a candidate’s work ethic, risk behaviors, conflict avoidance, and moral behaviors. And once you’ve used these powerful insights to identify the strongest candidates, Top Talent provides you with scientifically designed behavioral interview questions.

Top Talent is a powerful tool to:

  • Streamline your application review process
  • Reduce workers’ compensation
  • Improve retention
  • Increase productivity and morale

Top Talent Packet

Integrity Plus

Incorporating the power of QuikStaff, Integrity Plus goes even further, revealing details about the applicant’s job performance behaviors that may not come out in a standard interview:

  • Work ethic
  • Conflict avoidance skills
  • Moral behaviors
  • Dependability

This means that in addition to important information about workers’ compensation fraud and counterproductive behaviors like drug use and theft, you will be afforded deeper insight into the workplace behaviors you seek in a reliable, productive employee.

Integrity Plus also offers a retention scale to help you identify those applicants who are most likely to stay with you long term. Once you’ve identified your strongest candidates, we continue to support you through our scientifically designed behavioral interview questions and our candidate status tool.

Integrity Plus Packet


The people who interact with your customers affect the strength of your brand so finding just the right person to fill those customer-facing positions can be challenging. iServe builds on the power of our flagship assessment, QuikStaff, while also measuring the customer service aptitude of your candidates.

In addition to the workers’ compensation fraud and counterproductive behavior admittances that QuikStaff elicits from your applicants, iServe addresses a key issue faced by the retail, hospitality and food service industries: turnover. By utilizing our retention scale, you’ll be able to measure the likelihood a candidate will remain with you if you hire them.

Choose iServe and go beyond skills and experience – discover which candidates will personally connect with your guests, and gain insight with our behavioral interview questions tailored to a customer service environment.

iServe Packet

Premium Care Selection

Senior care requires special people – therefore, we’ve designed a specialized test to help you find them.

Premium Care Selection’s individualized assessments help you identify the strongest candidates for your nursing, CNA, memory care giver, and administrative support staff positions by honing in on the specific traits our senior care experts have told us are critical for identifying successful candidates.

In addition to the information our clients have come to expect from Insight’s tests – direct admittances to employee theft, illegal drug use, workers’ compensation fraud, and workplace violence – Premium Care will also tell you which applicants will:

  • Serve with respect, patience, passion, and dedication
  • Build trust by being dependable and maintaining confidentiality
  • Excel in personal communication skills
  • Follow directions
  • Adhere to safety rules and regulations

Premium Care continues to support your HR needs through our scientifically designed behavioral interview questions, and will help you realize a reduction in your turnover, liability, and workers’ compensation costs. Additionally, you increase your ability to set your senior care facilities apart with quality of care, service, safety, and security.

Premium Care Selection Packet

Correction Selection Inventory

Jobs in the corrections industry carry unique stressors and require a test dedicated to identifying those candidates most likely to succeed in that environment.

In addition to the wealth of information about undesirable behaviors that our clients have come to expect from Insight – direct admittances to employee theft, illegal drug use, workers’ compensation fraud, and workplace violence – Correction Selection Inventory is designed to measure innate personality traits such as situational judgment.

It also measures and reports on eight core proficiencies:

  • Respect for Authority
  • Work Ethic
  • Self-control
  • Dependability
  • Communication Skills
  • Cooperation/ Teamwork
  • Attention to Detail
  • Principled Behavior

This information, along with a retention scale, helps define an applicant’s success potential, allowing HR managers to quickly identify and screen for these sensitive and critical positions.

Customized for both security and non-security positions, Correction Selection Inventory will help you identify which candidates are most likely to succeed in more than 50 correctional job titles.

Corrections Selection Inventory Packet

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