QuikStaff:  Hire the Best

QuikStaff is Insight Worldwide’s flagship assessment, and was designed with the staffing industry in mind. Allowing you the flexibility to manage a high volume of applicants, QuikStaff delivers immediate, relevant information that gives you the power to flag those candidates who would put you and your clients at risk.

With QuikStaff, a significant number of applicants will admit to behaviors like workers’ compensation fraud – a feature that is unique to Insight’s integrity testing. In under six minutes, applicants will admit to fraud or other undesirable behaviors, such as:

  • Violent tendencies
  • Theft
  • Using illegal drugs
  • Arriving at work under the influence of alcohol
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Faster than a background check and more reliable than a biological drug test, QuikStaff will also have an overwhelmingly positive impact on your turnover and workers’ compensation costs. And when done before the application, it can streamline your hiring process and ensure you’re only spending time on those candidates who will be successful in your clients’ workplaces.

Top Talent:  Designed for Online Job Applications

Top Talent builds on the powerful QuikStaff assessment, and is designed specifically for use with online applications.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, identifying counterproductive behaviors and delivering benefits such as decreased workers’ compensation costs and increased retention, Top Talent will provide feedback on a candidate’s work ethic, risk behaviors, conflict avoidance, and moral behaviors. And once you’ve used these powerful insights to identify the strongest candidates, Top Talent provides you with scientifically designed behavioral interview questions.

When attached to your online application, you can identify at a glance those applicants who will strengthen your talent pool and enable you to best meet client needs.

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Improve your candidate pool and streamline your hiring process.

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