iServe:  Building a Strong Front Line

In hospitality and restaurant work, your company’s reputation lies in the hands of the person serving your customer. It is important that you find someone who represents the values and service levels you have set, but a standard application and background check won’t tell you which candidate has the ability to best serve your guests. This is where iServe comes in.

Building on the power of QuikStaff, our flagship integrity assessment, iServe also provides you with critical information about customer service aptitude – which candidates will personally connect with your guests, helping to turn them into repeat customers? And because turnover can be high in hospitality and food service, iServe also comes with our proven retention scale, which helps you identify those applicants who are likely to remain with you if you hire them.

Choose iServe and go beyond skills and experience – gain insight into your applicants’ work ethic, workplace behaviors, and customer service aptitude, then use our specially designed behavioral interview questions to find the best employees for your business.

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Choose iServe for a stronger front line.

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