Who is Insight Worldwide and what do we do?

We are a hiring assessment development company founded in 2000, dedicated to helping businesses make the best hires for their needs through industry specific behavioral hiring assessments.

Our assessments are customized to meet specific hiring needs – particularly in the Staffing, Senior Living, and Corrections industries along with many others. We understand why hiring the right person for the job is crucial and we designed our assessments accordingly. In a matter of minutes, you will have vital information at your fingertips, revealing if the candidate:

  • Has the personality and capacity of spirit to excel in the open position.
  • Has the potential to become a loyal, staying staff member.
  • Has the propensity to build trust, maintain confidentiality, extend a generosity of spirit, and show compassion on the frontline.
  • Has solid working ethics and integrity.

These assessments also reveal which candidates:

  • Have a general lack of integrity and ethics, including a possible bent toward workers’ compensation fraud.
  • Are likely to struggle with frontline relationships.
  • Can be expected to job hop.

As an industry leader in hiring assessment development, we have built a great history of experience. Our assessments are science-based and meet legal requirements. In fact, with millions of assessments already administered, we have not had a single court challenge. When you choose Insight Worldwide you choose:

  • Peace-of-mind hiring.
  • An immediate, long-term, and direct savings of time and costs.
  • Reduced turnover and workers’ compensation fraud.
  • A healthy, culturally-positive workplace.

We bring a fresh view and valuable perception into the hiring process, enhancing your ability to hire well. If it’s important to you – it’s important to us. Contact us today.

Our Purpose: To create and supply, science-based, legally-sound, behavioral hiring assessments, which reveal the true picture of a candidate’s potential to fit – or not fit – an organization, and enable hiring managers to enjoy the advantage of optimal hiring.

Our Vision: To be the top, first-choice source of trusted behavioral hiring assessments and bring decision-makers in every industry the opportunity to make excellent hiring decisions for their positions – every time.

Our mission statement: To attain our purpose and reach our vision, not because we market well, but rather because our program is accurate, effective, and saves our clients frontline crisis, costly turnover expenses, and incidences of workers’ compensation fraud.