How to Prevent Workplace Harassment

Harassment in the workplace is a serious issue. In 2017, the #MeToo movement reenergized the focus of employers, along with state and federal governments, that there is no place for sexual harassment or abusive conduct in the workplace. EEOC reporting signifies this influence and shares that since 2017 harassment claims have risen 14% and, as recent as 2019, employers paid out a record breaking $68.2 million to sexual harassment violations, 20% higher than any year previous.

The challenge is that employers must continue to evolve and improve in education and prevention training as sexual harassment, bullying, and abusive conduct are everlasting. An employee claim goes far beyond an employer’s pocketbook and legal expenses. It damages the culture, trust, and emotional integrity for all. Therefore, employers must be proactive, not just in how to “handle” harassment claims, but in preventing harassment. State legislators are paying attention, too, and, in response, many states like California, Illinois, and New York have or will pass employment law mandating anti-harassment training to all employees, by the employer.

Required or not, harassment prevention training is a best practice; however, not all organizations have a professional trainer or person who can conduct annual education to their employees. Thankfully there are a number of great training groups to contact and online solutions available, but prior to purchasing a training plan, employers should exercise their due diligence in researching providers and knowing their state laws. This is because not all harassment training options legally meet the intent of new laws. For example, a plug and play video or a universal training often does not truly answer educational engagement or interactivity standards. Other tools, even free educational training developed by state governments, are not adequate as they fail to offer online reporting, tracking, and communication options for managers. Additionally, the cost per training ranges significantly and to the point of unreasonable when expense exceeds $200+ per employee.

At the request of employers, and temporary staffing organizations who are also taking action, Insight Worldwide has responded. From a 20-year history of providing human resources solutions and secure online platforms, Insight developed a quality cost-conscious solution to ensure training is not a concern. Through direct collaboration with employers, state chamber of commerce representatives, 3rd party labor attorneys, and human resources professionals, Insight is able to offer employers of any nature and size the ability to be legally compliant and accurate in their approach to preventing workforce harassment.

Not integrating a quality sexual harassment and hostile workforce prevention training may violate new state laws and can be more than costly. Harassment will lead to the loss of employees, a drop in productivity, and the damage to a company’s culture and brand will take years to repair. To learn more about the key courses your business needs visit today with the professionals at Insight Worldwide. They’re available to answer your questions at 888.314.8908 or[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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