Integrity Testing – a Vital Hiring Tool

In thanks to the expertise of PhDs in Industrial Organizational Psychology, and 20 plus years of Insight Worldwide validation research into the understanding of human behavior, it is possible for employers to make legal predictions about employee actions. This is vital for today’s employers conducting planning and recovery efforts from global pandemic and loss. The pre-employment tools with real time technology and mobile delivery directly supports staffing firms and essential employers, like those in manufacturing, logistics and distribution, retail and merchandising, healthcare, skilled trades, and more to obtain surprisingly accurate knowledge of candidate behavior. With the early intelligence in hand, hiring managers can quickly identify, select, and send the best and most reliable talent to the workplace.

Pre-employment assessments, often referred to as integrity tests provide extremely reliable predictions about applicant behavior. These predictions help organizations identify candidates who exhibit desired traits, such as honesty, strong work performance, and dependability. By fairly and equally taking early direct admission results into account, companies can reduce bias in hiring and can improve the performance of their workforce—and their bottom lines. As example, the following case study of a top national staffing employer that screens its 70,000+ light industrial, skilled trades, and clerical applicants shows how their use of integrity testing helped reduce workers’ compensation claims by 28.5%, while also earning them multiple awards and recognition.

For staffing companies specifically, the use of pre-interview testing helps to address a bigger picture. Integrity testing is a best practice and one of the most valuable tools a staffing firm can bring to their relationship with clients. By providing employees who are identified by integrity testing as less likely to file false workers’ compensation claims, steal from the company, and engage in generally unethical behaviors, staffing firms can make positive, direct contributions to their clients’ results. This is a very important data point that staffing firms should highlight in their communications with clients and in other marketing and sales efforts.

Integrity testing works. Insight Worldwide’s validated, online, and remote engagement services yield clear, deep, and reliable awareness into applicant behavior. By drawing on our expertise and experience in this area, staffing companies and employers of all size can prepare in advance to screen applicants who will seek new openings, and to gain a distinct advantage in protecting themselves.

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