Hiring During Social Distancing

As the United States navigates obvious change, not all companies and individuals are able to shift to a work-from-home model. If your company is essential or must continue to operate, even in scaling down during current times, it is still critical to employ quality hiring procedures. Fortunately, help and secure online solutions for employers are immediately available for transitions, and ease of functionality.

As example, Insight Worldwide’s HR experts are available to support companies as they navigate change and social responsibilities. Insight is online actively helping employers and hiring managers to safely execute hiring basics with essential selections, remotely. Through cost-effective, online pre-employment assessments and video interviewing options, your company can respond and communicate about your proactive health precautions to staff and those who you serve.

Below are five legal and valid online actions Insight Worldwide can help employers take today:

Engage offsite. Text, email, or integrate online, pre-interview assessments to maintain social distancing protocol and non-essential site visits.

Leverage online results. Quickly utilize actionable online screening results to save valuable time – and other critical hiring resources – to prevent undesirable business risks like theft or fraud during desperate times; and to fairly and equally filter larger applicant volumes, which may now look to you after a displacement or furlough. (Example. Pre-hire assessments are ideal for online processes in the filling of support roles like janitorial, caregiving or additional food service workers in a senior living; a stocker filling a grocery store’s curbside pickups or shelves; or a temporary laborer filling in for the demands in a distribution hub.)

Hiring policy. Communicate and follow your company hiring policies to avoid unnecessary risks on your business in a time of crisis. Ensure managers have direct access to policies posted to your online applicant dashboards, and that they follow them in recruiting, interviewing, and making offers.

Video interviewing. Reduce bias and help your team conduct legal, and valid, video interviews by applying Insight Worldwide’s prepared interview guides.

Hire and communicate. Onboarding has changed, use phone, text, or email to over communicate with new essential hires. Make them feel welcome and notified of company health procedures and changes. You never know, you may have just hired a future company leader.

Under any circumstances, Insight Worldwide’s professional services and online assessments help organizations conserve valuable resources by reducing the number of time – and money -intensive in-person interviews. Thanks to proven research-based methodology, they yield more comprehensive and accurate applicant profiles than can be obtained through interviews alone.

It may be a while before the country can start getting back to “business as usual”—even though “usual” may have been redefined. Whatever form the business world takes, though, Insight Worldwide will be there to help companies meet their hiring needs. If you need assistance, we invite you to contact our team at www.insightww.com or 888.314.8908 to navigate changes.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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