Insight’s Year in Review and Looking to 2020

As Insight Worldwide enters 20 years in business, we continue to focus on our high excellence in pre-employment integrity and behavioral solutions for employers. The construct of our solutions and validation studies are well proven at helping organizations improve upon their hiring accuracies, reduce and avoid unsafe/unnecessary workers’ comp concerns, lower turnover, and enhance the culture of a positive workplace.

While our integrity and behavioral solutions continue as our business foundation, Insight also continues to respond to new employer needs and goals. As example, in 2019, our partners from the transportation and insurance industry worked with Insight’s PhDs of Industrial Organizational Psychology to develop and release an enhanced Driver Success hiring assessment. This collaborative opportunity presents a new and unique focus toward assessing and selecting new driver candidates, those who are; safe and trusted on the road; compliant with organizational policies; committed to the job at hand; and who have long-term retention interests. Far more than a hiring assessment, too, this industry specific tool further aides hiring managers to select candidates with accuracy and without bias. This is done through legally reviewed interview guides that associate with candidate results to provide the critical knowledge needed for each hiring decision, because as one partner stated, “applicants can hide some very scary tendencies.”

In addition to providing the best integrity and behavioral solutions available, Insight Worldwide responded to our clients, and employers nationally, who called to seek expertise in new online training solutions which educate employees about preventing sexual harassment and hostile workforce environments. We answered by enhancing our easy to use online engagement tools, and we released a new portfolio of anti-harassment trainings. Insight’s suite of options not only provides excellent online training to employees through interactive engagement and managed tracking, but it further answers employer compliance needs with those states that recently enacted new training laws for all. This includes states like California, New York and New York City, Illinois and as new states pass similar supervisory and non-supervisory training requirements, Insight will be prepared to respond. Click here to view the NEW harassment prevention training or call us direct at 888.314.8908 to speak with one of our experts.

Lastly, Insight Worldwide continued our dedication as active members of many national employer and industry associations this past year. Our account team and leadership set new company records for frequent flight miles to attend and present on a number of employer topics and best practices in hiring. Several standouts include a co-presentation with EmployBridge’s Risk Management team at the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) national conference on “how to reduce and maintain lower workers’ compensation claims each year,” and a highly valued presentation to national senior care teams at Argentum’s Executive Director Leadership Institute, which focused on coaching executive teams to be more predictive in identifying, selecting, and developing critical leadership candidates. In 2020, we look forward to continuing our participation with each of our long-term association partners, and we already plan to see you at the American Staffing Association’s Staffing World, TempNet, Staffing Industry Analysts’ Executive Forum, Argentum, LeadingAge, California Assisted Living Association, Oregon Health Care Association, and American Society of Safety Professionals. Insight will also grow our engagement opportunities with current plans to participate with California Staffing Professionals, Illinois Search and Staffing Association, Georgia Staffing Association and United Methodist Association.

Before closing out this incredible year, all of us at Insight Worldwide wish to thank all of our clients for an amazing 20 years. It truly is more than a business; your friendship, partnership, and input help us daily to develop the best in class hiring tools. It is appreciated, and well wishes to you all in 2020!

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